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Different styles of dresses

Different styles of dresses are suitable for men of different shapes and personalities. Generally speaking, dress styles are divided into two categories: single-row buttons and double-row buttons. The most formal style is a single-row single-button, but with the development of dress design, there are also single-row double-button; If a single-row double-button dress, only the first button will be buttoned, and no error will occur.

In addition to style, colour is one of the main considerations for men. I feel that the black dress is too boring. You can choose wine red or lake green which is very gentlemanly. The groom can boldly try the whole burgundy suit, which is more stable and attractive visually, and also allows the groom to show unique taste. As for the lake green dress has a sense of fashion, instead of the dull black suit, it attracts the attention of guests.

不同款式設計的禮服適合不同身形和個性的男士。一般而言,禮服款式分為兩大類: 單排鈕和雙排鈕。最正統與正式的款式是單排單扣,但隨著禮服設計的發展,亦有單排雙扣;若單排雙扣禮服,就只把第一顆鈕扣扣上,就不會出錯。


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