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Story of Cufflinks

《Story of Cufflinks》 Small accessories can make men's suits more fashionable, and a pair of cufflinks is enough to show personal taste! But how was the cufflinks born? According to legend, as early as the 18th century, King Frederick the Great of Prussia felt sick that soldiers often used sleeves to wipe sweat and wipe their mouths, so they sewed buttons on the sleeves of their uniforms to stop them from these bad habits. , For decorative modelling. However, not all shirts can be fitted with cufflinks. You must wear a French double-fold shirt suitable for formal occasions, which represents a solemn and elegant.


小小的配飾可以令男士的西裝提升時尚度,一對袖口鈕亦已足夠展現個人品味! 但是當初袖口鈕是怎樣誕生的呢?相傳早在18世紀,普魯士國王腓特烈大帝對士兵經常運用袖子來擦汗擦嘴感到很嘔心,因而在他們的軍服袖口縫上鈕扣,阻止他們這些壞習慣;來到現今世代,佩戴袖口鈕,為的則是裝飾造型。不過,並不是任何恤衫都能配上袖口鈕,必須穿上適合正式場合穿著的法式雙疊恤衫才可使用,這代表了一份隆重與講究。

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