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Good Year of Wedding - White Tuxedo

This year is a good year for marriage. Recently, many customers have asked us for information on tuxedo. This time we will introduce white tuxedo. White tuxedo is a very bright and spiritual groom costume. However, because white has a visually widening effect, grooms with a fat body should avoid choosing white tuxedo. The design of the white dress may seem simple, but in fact, a lot of seemingly tiny details are gathered together to create a set of bright tuxedo.

今年適逢結婚的好年,近日有不少客人向我們查詢禮服的資訊,這次我們就來介紹一下白色禮服。 白色禮服是一種很亮眼、很精神的新郎服裝。但是,由於白色在視覺上有拉寬效果,因此身材偏胖的新郎們應盡量避免挑選白色禮服。 白色禮服的設計看上去好像很簡單,但其實當中由很多看似很微小的細節結集起來,卻成就了一套令人眼前一亮的禮服。

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