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Sunshine smiles on the Tailor Experience

The sunshine man is a kind smile, polite tone can always create a comfortable atmosphere! Of course, they choice of suit fabrics and styles is both sunny and comfortable ~! Thank you Raphael, our new French friend . We hope you enjoy this tailor-made experience we bring by Costume! Cant’ wait to see the Suit outcome !!

陽光男孩,就係親切的笑容,禮貌的語調加埋可以製造令人覺得好舒服的氣氛! 佢哋選擇西裝布料同款式都係要咁陽光同舒服~! 多謝法國既朋友Raphael ~希望你享受今次 Costume 為你帶來的度身訂造體驗!冀待作品既完成!

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